A 1930s Polish Home Gets a Modern Look

A 1930s Polish Home Gets a Modern Look

A New Life for an Old Home

This living room sets the perfect tone for a modern space with its interplay of warm and cool colors. Grays Light overlooks the walls, including the window treatments. Temporarily warm wood tones in the floors and furniture bring a comfortable note to the room. Seating upholstered in a vibrant blue pops against the backdrop while a patterned rug in subtle neutrals adds a moment of visual depth.

Furniture with a Touch of History

To fill the 1600 square foot space, the designers at Studio turned to a number of sources for furniture, including a line of furnishings produced by the firm itself. The living room, however, yielded the greatest treat. To complement the history of the space, the designers added pieces that had some history of their own. Never produced on a mass scale, the chairs were a true find for the designers and the perfect way to bring even more character to this classic home.

A Mix of Mid-Century and Pop Culture

This vignette perfectly encapsulates the mix of eras that characterizes this home. The renovated rug and mid-century credenza give the room a strikingly retro look.

A Modern Table Setting

Where the living room is complete with vintage and mid-century influences, the dining room is strictly covert in modern. The dining table and chairs are own furniture line.

Warm Wood with a Futuristic Bent

The room deals almost completely in warm wood tones, making it a striking counterpoint to the cool, reserved color palette of the living room. The clean lines and minimalist aesthetic of the furniture contrasts with the natural materials for a room a set of contrasts. The one exclusion that a very modern light fixture over the table. Its metallic sheen continues the warm color palette of the space while providing a slight contrast in texture.

A Touch of Wood and Stone

Natural features like wood and stone support carry the outdoors in for this space. This meditative space, surrounded by the beauty of nature is perfect for a quiet respite after a hectic day. Only amateur back on the lounge and let the world just slip away.



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