Closet Storage Ideas

Closet Storage Ideas

Whether you have a small, medium or large closet, storage space is difficult for organize cloth. These closet storage solutions are designers to help you to create more storage space in your closet—no matter the size. Designers are easy to set up, budget-friendly and will help you gain control over your wardrobe. The correct closet storage system will instantly save you time and money.

Here are the essential upgrades to create more storage space in your clothes closet:-

Double Hang

Clothes closet organization is all about using and maximizing space, and nothing maximizes space in an organized clothes closet as effectively as a double hang.

To set up, bump your current rod up, and select how much room you need on your floor below your clothes (think moving shoes and hampers outside of your closet—do you really want your clothes smelling like your gym sneakers?). Size the clothes you plan to hang on the double rod and set up to that height. Now you have double space the total of closet storage space.

Store Your Shoes on the Closet Door

Collection your most-used shoes on the inside of the closet door. You can create this look with a simple towel bar. Blogger Maria Emberstén at The Waves We Make used an IKEA Grundtal Rail in her closet (rather than the kitchen, where it’s most commonly used) to create this simple yet effective storage solution.

Hang Accessories and Tank Tops

This trick will also work for necklaces, belts, scarves, and ties etc. clothes. Anything that can hang on a hanger. All you need are shower curtain hooks and you can convert any hanger into accessory storage.

Real Hangers

Suits, blazers, dresses, and shirts each have a different type of hanger associated with them, which can become overwhelming and costly. Keep things simple and organize wooden hanger.

This is important for two reasons:

Visually, matching hangers instantly give your closet a more serene, organized look, which in turn will be a visual cue for you to keep it that way.

Hangers provide shape and structure to your clothes.

Tip: If you’re registering for housewarming or wedding, request hangers. A couple of packs of good hangers make a nice shower gift.

Small Bins and Baskets in the Closet

Bins and baskets are a life-saver for hard-to-reach shelves and a great way to group and store less-wrinkly clothing and accessories. Think about these possibilities:

Closet Kit

Closet Kits are a versatile, easy way to update any closet without the price and hassle of designing and installing a custom closet system. You decide how much hanging space and shelving you need, and the kit can be fitted to your specifications. All of the rods and shelves can expand to fit your closet, and if you’re working with a larger space and need two or three kits instead of one, they all work and fit together.





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