Create a Relaxing Haven in Your Least Comfortable Rooms

Create a Relaxing Haven in Your Least Comfortable Rooms

How to Create a Haven in the Least Relaxing Room in Your House

You’d be hard-pressed these days to find anyone whose to-do list is not a mile long; full of appointments to keep, deadlines to meet and everything else under the sun. Workdays extended by technology that lets us work from anywhere, social media feeds that follow us everywhere and the unending flood of information that comes pouring through phones, tablets and now even watches, is leaving many of us scrambling for someplace quiet to unplug. Because of this, it’s more essential than ever that we use the space we have at home to create room for peaceful rejuvenation at the end of every hard day. Some rooms, like living rooms and bedrooms, create this easy. But convert the whole home into a peaceful haven means getting that same sense of serenity to your bathroom, the kitchen, and home office as well.

Soothing Bathroom Color Palettes

Color impacts our moods, as researchers at Minnesota State University have recently affirmed. According to their findings, reds and oranges tend to stimulate the brain, while greens, blues, and neutral earth tones are more soothing. So if you’re looking to you convert your bathroom into your own in-home spa retreat, it’s a good idea to plan your color palette around a single, tranquil hue.

In the same way that natural colors will peaceful, so will natural touch. Wood, marble, and stone all are excellent options that combine interesting textures with soothing neutral colors. The same grips for bath accessories as well. For example, choose natural sponges over plastic loofahs. Small changes in color and texture can immediately begin to alter the energy of the space.

Create Comfort in Your Office

It may seem a bit ironic to want to give your home office a relaxing makeover—but just because it’s where you go to work, that doesn’t mean that you have to be tense while you’re there. In fact, given the health implications of work-related stress and the physical toll of sedentary working conditions, the office might just be where these changes will benefit you the most.

Addressing your physical needs while working is the first and most important step. Ergonomic chairs and keyboards are essential to keeping the body relaxed and in good posture while working. The office is an ideal location for design choices that stimulate your other senses as well.

Add Pops of Color to Your Kitchen

The rules are a little different in the kitchen. The colors of walls, floors, and countertops tend to be neutral as a start, and natural wood and stone textures are often the norms. So instead, to create the kitchen feel like a sanctuary, you’ll want to search ways to bring in the same decorating style that personalizes the rest of the house.

Instead of toning down the color in the kitchen, look for ways to add bright pops of color that will break up the neutral blocks of color that likely already characterize the space. Small moments work best: a bowl of colorful fruits in the center of an island countertop or an arrangement of colorful carafes next to the sink. And if you have colorful plates and bowls, consider investing in clear cabinet doors that will allow you to create displays that highlight some of your more colorful pieces. Not only does art add a needed burst of color to the walls in your kitchen, it also allows you to bring in some of the same design aesthetic that personalizes the rest of your home, so that a bit of what brings you peace in the living room can follow up you into the kitchen as well.




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