Creating an Eclectic Gallery Wall

Creating an Eclectic Gallery Wall

We all love gallery walls and it’s not difficult to see why. They do so more things. They are an amazing way to infuse color and pattern into space. They let the art-lovers among us display our stock in groups so we can get many pieces on the walls. They are a fantastic way to take up empty space on a large wall, making the room feel fully inhabited. And most importantly they are one of the best opportunities we get to show who we are and what we love in our spaces. Gallery walls are simply the best. But if you’re starting to feel like you’ve seen so many that you haven’t started on your own for fear of looking too conventional, then let me be the first to invite you to be unconventional.


A great gallery wall can be just image, whether art or photos. It can also be much more than that. To make a amazing gallery wall, start with your most favorite pictures like photographs, drawings, or art, and then start adding in the things you cherish like postcards from favorite vacations, your grandmother’s dishes, jewelry, or pieces from your favorite game. The possibilities are essentially endless. Of course, you still have to keep it stylish. But with some tradition and a keen editorial eye, making an eclectic and chic gallery wall is no trouble at all.

Think Thematically

Displays that have a central concept always look a bit tighter and more put together than those that don’t. This gallery wall would be amazing for a foyer, a dining room, or any place where you are looking to add a layer of sophistication.

Unlike the first wall, this one sticks with a fairly neutral color palette, but it’s the variety of objects that really attracts attention. The animal motif is expressed in both the pencil sketch of the elephant and the large metallic knocker. The two combine with the small wooden piece to give an unmistakable feeling of the outdoors. We especially like how the animal and plant elements are subtly repeated on the console table below the gallery wall, making the entire space look very polished.

The two unique mirrors are beautiful additions and have the added benefit of making the space appear larger while reflecting natural light and adding a warm metallic to create a textural contrast with the warm wood tones of some of the other pieces. This is an excellent example of how you can mix textures, things, and objects to make a gallery wall that makes a really unique style statement.

Play With Levels

Just like every piece on your wall doesn’t have to be a picture, every part of your gallery doesn’t have to be on your wall. If you have a place for gallery wall behind a credenza or entertainment center, use the surface as part of your display. In this space, some of the pieces on the wall are so low that they appear to be on the mantle, and some of the pieces on the mantle are tall enough that they look like they might be on the wall.

Playing with levels in this way creates wonderful moments like the tall statue of the ballerina on the right side of the mantle that’s flanked strikingly at the top by two paintings on the wall, and at the bottom of one wall-hung piece and one that’s sitting on the mantle. This is another excellent and unexpected way to build layers into your design and add depth to your room–definitely something to try at home.


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