Decorate Living Room

Decorate Living Room

How To Decorate a Different Living Room

Is your living room feeling bland? Fear not, the answer could be in a single item. The correct think can work as an anchor and set the tone for the entire room. Just don’t go overboard when you’re trying to liven things up. One eye-catching item per room is all you need to take your room from drab to fab.

Oversize Art

An oversize or really unique piece of wall art creates an instant focal point in any room. Not only can it be eye-catching, but it can be an excellent way to determine your room’s color palette. Pull some colors from the artwork and use them throughout the room. Depending on the layout of your room consider hanging a piece over a mantle or over a sofa. Just make sure it has enough room to breathe and isn’t crowded by other items.


Nothing draws oohs and ahhs like a beautiful chandelier hanging in an unexpected place. While mostly booked for dining rooms, a chandelier cans create an surprised but very welcome statement in a living room. Hang it in the center of the room or over the main seating area – whichever is the most practical spot in your space.

Feature Wall

A bold feature wall can have a big effect in any space. Paint and wallpaper are both good options and can be easily changed if you tire of them. (Wallpaper often comes in peel and stick versions for those who don’t trust traditional wallpaper and glue). When you really want to make a statement option for something bold in either color or pattern (or both). A striking pattern is a particularly great choice when you want a take-notice space.

Area Rug

Never forget what’s underfoot. Area rugs offer a great opportunity to make a statement, particularly when used in rooms that are a little on the bland side. If your room is neutral think about that how look like a bold rug could do for it. It might not be a good idea for commitment-phobes, but for risk-takers who are craving excitement, a striking area rug can do the trick.

Unique Furniture

Furniture needs to be practical, but that doesn’t mean it can’t also be exciting. A seriously unique Furniture piece with an interesting shape or bold fabric is making an attraction for peoples in any room. Just remember never to trade in practicality for wow factor. A good piece can achieve both.

Carved Mantel

Mantels are natural focal points, and carved mantels add pizzazz in the most wonderful way. If you don’t already have one and you want a striking statement piece, consider installing one of these beauties. Custom jobs can be very expensive but finding a mantle second hand is not difficult, and usually not expensive.


Bold Mirror

What goes better over a mantle than an elaborate mirror? To draw people’s eye (not to mention their admiration) opt for an oversize mirror with a carved frame. When it comes to statement pieces oversize is the way to go. And 19th C gilt mirrors are always a winning style.


Window Treatments

Don’t be afraid to go bold with a brightly colored window treatment. Curtains and drapes, in particular, are great because they have a huge visual impact in a room, yet they’re easy to replace if and when you crave a change.





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