Decorate With Mirrors

Decorate With Mirrors

There are so various things that we fill our homes with to make our lives livable. Some are useful. Some are designers. And then there are those things that just feel like something that you’re supposed to have as if your home just wouldn’t be complete without them. Mirrors are one of those things. We all have them, and we all know why. Without them, we wouldn’t be able to do little things like checking our appearances, make sure that our creases are straight and ensure that there’s nothing between our teeth before we head out the door.


On the design side of things, mirrors are an excellent way to open up space, using mirror image to create a room feel greater than it is. Not only can mirrors be fun to beautify with, but with a little creativity, they can easily become the show-stopping centerpiece of your home. But since the only thing better than great design advice is a couple of great examples to go along with it, here are several ways that you can do wonderful things in your home with mirrors—from the simplest uses to the most original.

Oversize Floor Mirrors

On the other hand, if a more mirror image is what you’re after, get as much as you can. This massive, ornamentally bordered mirror works on so many levels. Not only does it give you all the mirror space you could need, but it also opens up the room attractively by giving the optical illusion of more space.

Mirrors in the Gallery Wall

Mirrors create a brilliant addition to gallery wall displays, specifically when they’re featured as the central charm. In this home office, a pair of elegant-looking mirrors is bordered on both sides by wall art. Identical bordering gets the look of the whole wall display together while the addition of the round mirror at the top breaks up the shapes adding visual interest.

A Hall of Mirrors

This hallway grows on the mirror gallery wall thought to cover an entire entryway. Mirrors are constantly a decent idea in any small space, and using a gallery wall adds a creative twist to a traditional design adage.

Bathroom Mirror Wall

Just about every bathroom has a mirror over the sink, but a mirror wall behind the tub is absolutely a single statement. Joint with a freestanding tub and a chandelier, this unique mirror wall adds a touch of old world attraction to this bathroom.





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