Display Art in Bathroom

Display Art in Bathroom

Art in the Bathroom

Art belongs universally, not just in the living room or the bedroom. Well decorated bathrooms often feature the art of total kinds, dependent on the smartness of the bathroom himself. From minimalist art to Impressionist prints (which are most well-suited for the bathroom space), it provides a sense of thoughtfulness and beauty that can turn any bathroom from a purely useful space to someplace in which you look forward to spending time.

This good-looking bathroom for sample uses black and white wallpaper secured with retro drawings and lithographs for a retro, comforting feel. The flowers and cups offer a necessary pop of color in this sea of black and white.

Soft Artwork for a Cozy Bathroom

In the same vein as the earlier photo, this bathroom corner, from Routinely Chic, uses all the presented wall space to display all kinds of art: trapped pictures, dangling plates, and even selected metal work.

It takes a lot of assumed to choose the perfect art that will all fit together in a single room like this, so selecting a theme, or at least a style is important. In this case, architectural art seems to control: towers and buildings are showed in soft pencil sketches. The symmetrical assignment also mirrors the nature of the buildings themselves: the tower stands above the two low, long buildings right below.

Traditional Bathroom with Portrait

Here is an extra example of how white can offer the perfect background for a single, attention part of the art. This bathroom by House of Hawkes is all white and soft textiles, along with painted ship slap on the tub siding, and painted hardwood floor. The picture, set on the side of the tub (not hanged), instantly charms the eye and provides a sense of movement to space because of its location off to the side.

If you want to keep your bathroom extra minimal, a single, great part of art is the excellent choice. It doesn’t clutter your space, and you can feature something that has special meaning or simply fits the space you’re trying to generate.

White Marble Bathroom with Off-Center Art

Lovers of graphic art can use a more minimalist style to highlight their flavors, like this design from page shows. An existing floor and white marble back splash make available a neutral background on which to show visually exciting features, like the curves of the tub or the very large mirror.

But what charms focus here is the off-center art, which is generally black and white graphic art. The off-center location creates the space expression more spontaneous and provides it some life, which minimalist spaces often lack. The choice of low-key, small bits of art lets you increase in value the whole effect rather than attention on a single frame.


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