Great, Bad Dreams and Results in Agni Purana

Agni Purana is said to have around 16000 slokas, however, just 11457 are accessible today.

It portrays stories from Ramayana, Mahabharata, local geology of Mithila Kingdom, Ayurvedic Medicines, Dasavatar of Vishnu, Politics, Agriculture, Planning, 32 kinds of Martial Arts, Weapons, Holiness and reproducing strategies for Cow, Architecture of Temples, Poetry, Literature, measurements recorded as a hard copy and perusing, Yoga, Advaita and rundown of Bhagavadgita.

It additionally portrays techniques to perform Prayaschitth (reparation) for various sins, kinds of dreams and results experienced, and so on.

Pushkara portrays to sage Parasurama, both great and awful dreams experienced amid rest, time is taken to encounter consequences of these fantasies and how to stop awful impacts of dreams.

BAD Dreams

       Grass, plants or trees developing on body parts (aside from navel), Pots continued head separating, head being tonsured or shaved, meandering around bare, wearing grimy or torn garments, applying oil, sewage or body squander on skin, tumbling from statures, getting hitched, tuning in to melodies or melodic instruments, singing, moving, gathering blossoms like lotus or metals, slaughtering snakes or reptiles, seeing trees with red shading blooms, seeing a messy individual, jackass, hog, pig, hound, monkey, camel is awful.

  • Riding on these creatures in the fantasy is likewise terrible.

       Eating winged creature meat, pickle or any cooked dish, drinking oil, entering mother’s belly, being on the burial service fire, broken rainbow, fall or separation of Sun or Moon, seeing cloud or fall or stars, seeing regular disasters are terrible dreams.

        Divine beings, masters, rulers or higher authorities getting irate, chuckling, performing marriage of somebody, playing melodic instruments (aside from Veena or any strings based instrument), suffocating in water, washing in dirtied water, embracing and engaging in sexual relations with virgin young ladies, gay exercises, appendages getting injured, retching or Diarrhea, going towards south bearing, becoming ill, consuming or falling of houses, loss of sustenance things, clearing floor, playing with wild creatures, apparitions, zombies, being offended or getting compromised by adversaries are awful dreams.

       One ought not to examine these terrible dreams with others. on the off chance that experience an awful dream, one should wake up, drink water, supplicate their master/ace/god and afterward rest once more.

       On the off chance that rest amid the night is separated into 4, a balance of, dreams amid the first quarter will yield terrible outcomes following one year.

  • Dreams amid second quarter yield result in 6 a year.
  • Dreams amid third quarter yield results in 3-6 months.
  • Dreams amid fourth quarter yield results in 1-3 months.
  • In the event that any fantasy is seen after dawn or just before arousing, its outcome can be knowledgeable about around 10-15 days.

Great Dreams

Ascending Mountain, Building, Palace, or riding Elephant, Horse, Ox is great.

       Trees with white-hued blossoms, grass or plants developing from possess navel, If seen themselves with different appendages or heads, wearing white garments, getting Sun, Moon or stars, Rainbow, Flag, cascade, annihilating or killing foes, winning discussions or wars, drinking milk or liquor, seeing or washing with blood, clear sky are great dreams.

  • Seeing cow, bison or any milk yielding creature, drinking bosom milk from Lioness, female elephant or steed is likewise great.
  • Blessings from Gods, masters, washing with water spilling out of dairy animals horns or from Moon will make one accomplish a ground-breaking position.
  • Being coronated as King, executing, kicking the bucket, consuming in the flame, playing melodic instruments like Veena are great dreams.
  • Crying, getting gold, sexual exercises with a whore, ascending tree or mountain crests are likewise great dreams.
  • On the off chance that one encounters both great and terrible dreams around the same time, they ought to talk about just second dream with others as it will just have an impact.
  • In the event that one sees a decent dream, they ought not to wake up from rest until dawn.


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