London/Plant Takes Botanical Worlds First Selfie in London zoo Experiment

The plant took the world’s first botanical selfie, capturing a picture every 20 seconds

  • Scientists of the Zoological Society of London conducted experiments on shady plants
  • Scientists claim; Photos will help in monitoring and research of forests

London News: Lifestyle Desk. A plant in London has recently taken the world’s first selfie. The plant in the zoo generates energy by itself and captures photos every 20 seconds. Scientists say this is the best way to monitor wildlife. Many kinds of research will be encouraged with its help. According to the Zoological Society of London, the powerful camera and sensor installed in the plant help in taking selfies.

Scientists claim; Not the end of this energy

  1. Microbial fuel cells were developed by scientists from the Zoological Society of London at the London Zoo. It is a type of device that converts chemical energy into electrical energy in the presence of microorganisms. Researchers say that with the help of the camera, an area of ​​the forest can be monitored where it is not possible to reach easily.
London/Plant Takes Botanical Worlds First Selfie in London zoo Experiment
  1. According to scientists, this technique has been used in plants that are planted in sparse areas, such as ferns. Such plants release certain types of energy, using it as fuel and cameras and sensors installed in the plant.
  2. According to the Zoological Society of London conservationist Davis, as plants grow, bio matters accumulate. Which naturally serve as food for bacteria. These bacteria are found in soil and with the help of them, energy is produced in the fuel cell device. Which is used for sensors and cameras?
  3. In most cases, says conservationist Davis, energy levels are limited, such as batteries and solar panels that make energy from sunlight. But plants that live in shade have no limit on the energy generated. A fuel cell generates 0.1 ml of power. The device is made by adding many such cells. This device also provides information on temperature, humidity, plant growth.

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